Fearless Angel Candle

Fearless Angel Candle

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The Fearless Angel candles are available each month in small batches.

This candle comes infused with angelic blessings, topped with crystals and glitter or mica which will vary each month 

9oz. Hand poured Soy candle

Infused with angelic blessings and crystal healing. 

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Shelly Marie, The Fearless Angel

Shelly Marie is an Angelic Medium, Healer and Spiritual Counselor who is known for her inspiring messages from the angelic realm and messages from loved ones on the other side. She is also the creator of the fearless angel candle line.  

A session with Shelly allows you to unload your worries and receive the clarity you crave.  Shelly connects you with your angels, spirit guides and your higher self so you can hear your messages from the spirit world.

 As a leading spiritual lifestyle expert, Shelly, radiates happiness and joy while teaching others to incorporate the guidance of spirit into everyday life. She shares her daily inspirations and her life with the world so others can recognize the magic of spirit in their own lives too. 

 Shelly says, we have the ability to extract happiness out of our darkest moments. That is because, Shelly is no stranger to hardship, heartbreak and loss. The guidance and strength from the spirit world is what kept her going when the odds were against her. Shelly says, “Miracles happen every day.” “It’s during our moments of intense grief, confusion and loneliness, that we have the power to manifest the life we dream of.” “That’s when spirit is guiding us in the most profound way.” All you have to do is learn the how spirit is communicating with you. You are never too broken to change your life or the world if you want to.

 Shelly’s unique ability to read energy has led clients to call her “a door opener” and “a life changer.” “Shelly told me things she could have never known” is one of the most common reactions after a session.

 Discovering her spiritual gifts at an early age, Shelly spent most of her life communicating with angels and spirit in secret. Shelly always knew she was meant to change the world with her gifts but, she wanted a way to deliver psychic information that was not scary or controlling. That’s when the angels called her to start channeling messages through them over 20 years ago.

 It wasn’t until her angels undoubtedly guided her through a life changing journey of personal healing and empowerment, that Shelly Marie experienced the full potential of her gift. Her long term battle with anxiety became a portal for healing and she learned to be fearless in facing fear itself. Wildly following the guidance from spirit proved once again to be the way to happiness. 

 Shelly's practical approach to spirituality and ancient healing has made her well sought after but, that hasn’t changed her. Her true love comes from helping everyday people with everyday struggles. Adding a little bit of magic to someone’s life is beyond fulfilling for her. The peacefulness and the miracles that come her way are synchronicity‘s from her work. Her only regret is not coming out of the spiritual closet much sooner.

 Shelly Marie has helped thousands of people around the world access their angelic guidance through her work. She is a master healer with extensive knowledge of the auric field, angels and overall wellness. She is a guided visualization expert and will help you unlock your potential for healing and manifesting. She has also mentored others to begin their own healing businesses with great success. 

 Shelly Marie has been recognized by several spiritual communities, written articles for magazines and has been interviewed by radio shows and podcasting networks. She has also won awards for her communication with the angelic realm and is currently writing a book.

A healer, mystic, fearless angel, and goddess are all words that describe Shelly. What you will love most about her, is her down to earth personality and compassionate heart. 




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Fearless Angle

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